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The new Audi A3 Sedan 1.8 TFSI quattro – Tested and much Approved

. The problem with people is often they don’t know what they want. You don’t have to look far for examples; just think of the last time you asked (or being asked) where would you like to go for dinner and the occasional indecision would cost you a whole lot …

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The all-new Honda Jazz – launched

. The 3rd Generation Jazz is here and it’s quite a looker. Like all Jazz-es before it, it pays special emphasis to versatility, functionality and affordability (well, relatively anyway considering car prices here). And it looks like it has managed to take the ante up a notch. But first, some …


Of animals and society – How does it feel to be abandoned by loved ones …

. Life is full of choices. Some reap immediate results, whether good or bad. Some aren’t so clear and often gets filed into that part of the head that plays “What if” scenarios. Then, there are those choices that leads to despair and regret, particularly when you know there is …

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The Peugeot 2008 – The Urban SUV

. “An inch longer is an inch stronger”. That’s a popular Chinese saying in which one must always strive to better and every advantage, no matter how small should be sought. If that’s the case, driving a large, tall car would definitely appeal to those who believe in this saying. …

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The VW dilemma, seen from the perspective of a VW owner

. Have you read the recent article by Yamin Vong about the VW dilemma? You can find it here (assuming CBT’s site is up):- . Caught between sea and rock . If you’re not interested in subjecting your eyes to additional stress, let me summarize for you what the Chief …

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The Grand Livina Tuned by IMPUL – Drives like a sedan, fits like an MPV

. If there is one car manufacturing company that teaches us the important life lesson of humbleness, it would have to be Nissan. Here’s a company that has made quite a number of innovation in the auto industry, manufactured and sold a substantial number of cars worldwide and in the …

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The all new Volvo XC60 – launched

. It was surprising to note that it has already been 5 years since the Volvo XC60 first set foot in Malaysia. The reason why it’s such a surprise is because the XC60 still looks fresh and modern and it was considered one of the key vehicles in opening up …