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Of Uber and Taxies

. I recall growing up in a neighbourhood where we had a night market every Wednesday. It was a relatively small one; less than 500 meters in length and like all pasar malams, vendors set up according to the products they sell. So all the vegetables and meat are on …

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Mercedes Benz Grey Importers and Malaysian Fuel – Beware of warranty issues

. Grey importers have a roaring business here in Malaysia. Without the need to set up extensive after sales service centres and having showrooms with the ‘rooms’ being nothing more than a tarred parking lot with a tent, most grey importers focus only on one thing; short term profits without …

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Private Registration vs Company Registration – what you need to know about buying a company car

. So your company just hit it big! You’ve managed to strike a windfall for your company and the cashflow of the company has never been better. Looks like you’re able to buy a brand new car for Raya after all. And if you’re the sole proprietor of your company, …

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Proton Problems – Waking up to R E A L I T Y

. The local automotive scene has been abuzz with Proton late and it’s not all good news. It all started with Proton’s chairman Tan Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil expressing his disappointment to the Business Times, saying Malaysians are not supporting Proton, a product made from our national pride. Comparing against the …

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The “new” Proton Perdana – it’s Clobbering Time!

. Recently, there was an article published in the Malaysian Insider on 12 December 2013 written by one Norzafry Norhalim talking about Proton being subjected to extreme criticism after they handed-over “new” Proton Perdana which is essentially a rebadged 8th Generation Honda Accord. If you have not, here is the link: …

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What’s this thing about Perodua issuing recalls for Myvis?

Earlier this week, the Malaysian Reserve paper reports that the car might be recalled in the near future to fix certain issues relating to the drive shaft (article found HERE). Perodua has since denied that there will be such a recall saying they suspended production only for a day after …

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Bank Negara to set new rules in car loans?

. So everyone is talking about the rumored 7-year-maximum loan tenure (instead of 9 years) and buyers need to fork out at least 20% deposit and banks can only give a maximum of 80% loan effective 1st September 2013. So far, it’s all just talk with no visual evidence of …